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Here’s your entry form for all dressage events listed on our site. Click the link below to download the PDF to your computer. PDF files require the free Adobe Reader software. You cannot type directly into this form but must print it out first. If you want to enter online please use the www.equestrianentries.com site

2018 entry form

Take a few minutes to make sure your paperwork is in order. PLEASE go to the  http://www.eqverification.org/ and print out the one page document that lists all your “useless” numbers.

If you want to ride qualifying for the Regional Championships the rider and owner must have full memberships with the USEF and USDF (participating) and the horse must be registered/recorded with USEF (annual or life) and USDF (life).

If you see HID anywhere under your horses’ name or USDF non-member ID under rider or owner – that’s not enough to ride qualifying.

If you are not interested in qualifying for Regionals but are interested in USDF year-end awards the horse must be life registered with the USDF and owner & rider must have memberships – participating or GMO (membership through your local dressage/combined training association). The horse does NOT have to have a USEF registration.

The very least you need to ride in a recognized dressage show is a USDF HID# for your horse (one time $25 fee) and membership in USEF and USDF (participating or GMO) for rider and owner (otherwise a non-member fee is required $45 for USEF and $35 for USDF). If you have a USDF non-member ID – we have yet to figure out what it is good for since you still must pay a $35 USDF non-member fee every time you show.

Bottom line, please don’t get angry with show management when we hold your entry aside. Please take the time and assume responsibility for having the correct registrations/memberships. If you are confused – contact the show secretary or the USDF office.

If the above is still confusing, here is the latest from the USEF/USDF on “stuff”.

Effective 12/1/2008, if an exhibitor does not submit the proper USEF membership documentation to the competition and the competition cannot verify such information (with the exception of USEF Federation measurement cards) the exhibitor will be responsible to pay the $45 USEF non-member fee.

Required Membership Documentation for Qualifying Classes:
All members who compete in qualifying classes for Great American/USDF Regional Championships MUST show proof of both USEF and USDF memberships for the rider, the owner and the horse. USDF requires the horse to have a USDF Lifetime Horse Registration, for the rider to have a USDF Particpating Membership and for the owner to have a USDF Participating or Business Membership. Competitors may file a USDF affidavit to prove USDF memberships, however, USEF no longer provides affidavits, therefore, competitors MUST have proof of USEF senior, junior or life memberships for the rider and owner, and proof of an annual or life recording for the horse. Since a USEF affidavit is not an option, failure to have proof of appropriate USEF memberships would prohibit entry into a qualifying class, UNLESS the member chooses to apply or re-apply for USEF membership prior to riding their test.

Online Membership/Horse Registration Transactions
Please ensure that when exhibitors provide proof of online membership payment, that they provide the page which indicates completion of Step Three. This page includes a transaction code. This is the only page of their transaction that indicates that they successfully completed their transaction.

Incomplete Membership and Horse Registration Applications
Please be advised that membership and horse applications submitted at shows with incomplete information will not be effective as of the date of the show. Please encourage individuals submitting applications to double check their forms, making sure all of the member and horse information as well as payment information is complete. Membership or horse registration will not take effect until all correct paperwork and/or fees are submitted by the member and received in the USDF office.

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