Summertime Blues
Pinehurst, NC
13 & 14, 2020


Results 2019

High Score Awards
Adult Amateur
Training: Amy Schaaf & Raigin
First:: Elizabeth Carr & Regina H.I.
Second: Jennifer Seals & Reverred Chic
Third: Beth Bird & Fahrenheit
Fourth: Beth Bird & Fahrenheit
Small Tour: Rhonda Dretel &Winchester
Large Tour: Ann Turner & Dominic LHF
Training: Ann Aloi & For Real
First: Ann Aloi & For Real
Second: Koby Robson & Ziva
Third: Jean DeVenny & Corsair
Fourth: Eliza Romm & B-Sanfrieda (Kevin McNeilly - owner)
Small Tour: Rachael King & Ziggy
Large Tour: Peter Nordlander & Allright
Training: Chloe Pecor & Universo TPB Da Prat
First: Cajsa Stroem & Fuerstin Tina CR
Second: Lyndis Olson & Kerol HM

Hanoverian High Score: Rachel Edwards & Regina H.I.
KWPN-NA: Elita ENF & Deborah Moynihan
Jockey Club
FEI: Rachael King & Ziggy
Training: Heather Mehal & Living the Dream
First: Patrick Marley & Silver Lace

Swat n Sweat Series awards
 Consists of all 6 2019 Viewpoint dressage shows at the Pinehurst Harness Track: Dressage in the Sandhills May 10-12, MayDay Dressage May 25 & 26, Summertime Blues June 15 & 16, Rise n Shine July 13 & 14, Early Morning Blues August 10 & 11 and Cooldown Dressage August 31 & September 1. Rider/horse combination must have competed in a minimum of 4 of the 6 shows.   
Awards in Open, Adult Amateur & JR/YR divisions at Training through Fourth level, Small Tour (PSG/Int1) and Large Tour (Int 2/GP/GPS/Int A & B). Intro, freestyles & DSE do not count.
 Rider/horse combinations with only 1 show under their belt through June (Summertime Blues) can still be in the running if they compete in the last 3 shows of the series. We will start cleaning up the list after the July show (Rise n Shine).

Swat 'n Sweat scores for DIS (blue) ,  MayDay (yellow) & Summertime (green)

AQHA recognition has been granted

Read below to see if you are eligible for any of these awards.
Please let show management know (preferably before the start f the show) if any of these awards apply to you.

Is your horse a Thoroughbred?
Check out the Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program and click on "My Account".

Riders must provide show management with a T.I.P. number for each registered Thoroughbred horse entered in the show.

Is your horse a Hanoverian?
No memberships or registrations needed. Just present show management with a copy of the horse's papers. They must have American or German
Hanoverian papers or have a copy of AHS Certificate of Pedigree which proves that the AHS acknowledges that one parent is Hanoverian.

Is your horse a Dutch Warmblood?
The KWPN of North American offers a high score award to horses registered with the association.
The criteria for this award is that the horse has to be in the owner's name with the KWPN-NA and that the owner of record
has to be a current member of KWPN-NA. Rider doesn't have to be a member if owner and rider are different individuals.

Is your horse a Danish Warmblood?
The North American Danish Warmblood Association offers a high score award.
The owner must be a member of NADWA and the horse must be registered with the NADWA.

This show is a partner in the National Dressage Pony Cup Series
Ponies must hold a USEF measurement card. The NDPC does not require registration or membership with their organization in order to be considered for these awards.

The International Rescue Horse Registry is sponsoring a high score ribbon for IRHR members and their horses. The rescue horse must be registered with the IRHR.