Summertime Blues
Pinehurst, NC
June 16th & 17th

What a lovely weekend. Thank you all for coming.


Adult Amateur High Score Winners sponsored by Lysa Hodgson
Training Level - Lysa Hodgson
First Level - John Schaaf
Second Level - Beth Parsons Bird
Third Level' Rhonda Dretel
FEI - Kaitlyn Mosing

Junior High SCore Winners sponsored by Jennifer Flowers
Intro  - Sela Wittington
Training Level: Merina Rodems
First Level - Camyrn Huneycutt
Second Level - Monet Harrison
Third Level - Camyrn Huneycutt

Open High Score Winners sponsored by Diana Hoberecht
Training Level - Brooke Doss
First Level - Shannon Montgomery
Third Level - Laura Pendleton
Fourth Level - Vicki Kelley
FEI - Peter Nordlander

KWPN _ Lysa Hodgson & SRF Full Recovery
Hanoverian - Heather Holder &/Don Cesar BH
National Dressage Pony Cup - Faith Rodems & DF Sneak Preview

Jockey Club Thoroughbred - no eligible horses.
 If you have a TB and don't have a tattoo or papers there are still ways to register for the T.I.P program.
 Go online to and check it out.
They have GREAT prizes


Read below to see if you are eligible for any of these awards.
Please let show management know (preferably before the start f the show) if any of these awards apply to you.

Is your horse a Thoroughbred?
Check out the Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program and click on "My Account".

Riders must provide show management with a T.I.P. number for each registered Thoroughbred horse entered in the show.

Is your horse a Hanoverian?
Presented by the American Hanoverian Society. No memberships or registrations needed. Just present show management with a copy of the horse's papers. They must have American or German
Hanoverian papers or have a copy of AHS Certificate of Pedigree which proves that the AHS acknowledges that one parent is Hanoverian.

Is your horse a Dutch Warmblood?
The KWPN of North American offers a high score award to horses registered with the association.
The criteria for this award is that the horse has to be in the owner's name with the KWPN-NA and that the owner of record
has to be a current member of KWPN-NA. Rider doesn't have to be a member if owner and rider are different individuals.

This show is a partner in the National Dressage Pony Cup Series