Rise 'n Shine
Pinehurst, NC
July 1
3 & 14, 2019


Results 2018

Adult Amateur Awards sponsored by Lysa Hodgsons
Training: Laurie Weiser & Louisiana
First: John Schaaf & Ferrante CF
Second: Kathryn Saunders & Leonidas
Third: Rhonda Dretel & Dastan
FEI: Kaitlyn Mosing & Petacchi

Junior High Score Winners sponsored by Jennifer Flowers
Training Level: Merina Rodems
First Level - Amu Abramovich
Second Level - Alexa Clegg
Third Level - Annie Ray
Fourth Level - Hannah Nagle
FEI - Anna Weniger

Open High Score Winners sponsored by Diana Hoberecht
Training Level - Ashley Wimmer
First Level - Ashley Dimmette
Second Level - Letitia Mastrionni
Third Level - Dawn Weniger
Fourth Level - Julio Mendoza
FEI - Julio Mendoza

Dressage Pony Cup: Dawn Weniger & Trijas Peppercracker (Carol Whisnant owner)
Hannoverian: Julio Mendoza Loor & Fine Arnold (Michael Matson owner)
KWPN: Ashley Wimmer & Halcyon
Quarterhorse: Susan Smith & Wicked Hot Irons
Danish Warmblood: Laurie Weiser & Louisiana



Read below to see if you are eligible for any of these awards.
Please let show management know (preferably before the start f the show) if any of these awards apply to you.

Is your horse a Thoroughbred?
Check out the Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program tjctip.com and click on "My Account".

Riders must provide show management with a T.I.P. number for each registered Thoroughbred horse entered in the show.
 If you have a TB and don't have a tattoo or papers there are still ways to register for the T.I.P program.
 Go online to http://tjctip.com/About/HSIGI and check it out.
They have GREAT prizes

Is your horse a Hanoverian?
Presented by the American Hanoverian Society. No memberships or registrations needed. Just present show management with a copy of the horse's papers. They must have American or German
Hanoverian papers or have a copy of AHS Certificate of Pedigree which proves that the AHS acknowledges that one parent is Hanoverian.

Is your horse a Dutch Warmblood?
The KWPN of North American offers a high score award to horses registered with the association.
The criteria for this award is that the horse has to be in the owner's name with the KWPN-NA and that the owner of record
has to be a current member of KWPN-NA. Rider doesn't have to be a member if owner and rider are different individuals.

Is your horse a Danish Warmblood?
The North American Danish Warmblood Association offers a high score award.
The criteria is the horse and owner must be a member of NADWA.

This show is a partner in the National Dressage Pony Cup Series